High Pressure All-Metal Flowmeter and Switch - SM Series

SM High Pressure All Metal Flowmeter and Switch


Offering all of the benefits of an all-metal design, like high pressure and shock resistance, our SM variable area flowmeters are designed to handle flow rates much larger than their stated maximum range without damage. Brass models feature a maximum pressure of 3,600 PSIG while stainless steel models offer a maximum pressure of 5,000 PSIG. Direct reading scales are available for water or air. The small, compact design is easy to install. Common application areas include: lubrication circuits, paper production, machining, glass-melting tanks, welding machines, induction furnaces, and pumps.


SM flowmeters can be ordered with set point switches to actuate at a specific flow rate. The switches are mounted externally in a protective housing and are actuated by a magnet within the float. This same magnet can also be used to couple to an external flow indicator. Different models are available to accommodate any installation position and flow direction. A variety of ranges are available from: 0.04 to 0.6 up to 4 to 40 gallons per minute for water and 0.2 to 1 up to 5 to 130 SCFM for air.

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