Magnetic-Inductive Flowmeter - DMH

Volumetric Measuring and Monitoring

The DMH magnetic-inductive flowmeter measures and monitors the volumetric flow rate of sufficiently conductive media like: pulps, pastes, acids, alkalis, wastewater, drinking water, chemical solutions, etc. The design has no moving parts to wear, does not require frequent maintenance, and virtually eliminates system pressure loss. Measurement is unaffected by the pressure, temperature, density, and viscosity of the media. However, large solids and gas bubbles should be avoided. The rugged build of the DMH can also withstand rough operating conditions.

Variety of Options

The DMH offers a variety of lining and electrode materials, process connections, and electronic packages. The flow tubes are available in hard rubber, soft rubber, or with a PTFE lining. The electrodes are available in: stainless steel, Hastelloy-C®, tantalum, titanium, and platinum. ANSI, DIN, and Tri-Clamp® fittings are available. The electronics package includes an LCD rate/total display, 4-20 mA flow rate transmitter, passive pulse flow rate transmitter and passive status output as standard. Setup is easy with menu-driven programming.


The DMH features an adjustable sensing range up to 10 m/s. Measuring ranges span from 0.29...26.4 to 431.6...43,333 gallons per minute for water. The maximum temperature is 300 °F, depending on the build material. Maximum pressure is per the flange rating. The DMH features an accuracy of ± 0.3% of Reading ± 0.01% x Qmax.

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