NEW SCH-PSB Differential Pressure Switch for HVAC Applications

SCH-PSB Differential Pressure Switch for HVAC Applications


The SCH-PSB differential pressure switch monitors overpressure, vacuum, and differential pressure of air or other non-combustible, non-aggressive gases. Typical HVAC applications include: monitoring air filters, monitoring industrial cooling-air ducts, monitoring flow in ventilation ducts, controlling air and fire protection flaps, overheating protection for fan heaters, and frost protection for heat exchangers.


The switching pressure for the SCH-PSB can be adjusted without a pressure gauge using a scaled adjustment knob. The switching differential is easily adjusted with a screwdriver.


The SCH-PSB is available in three measuring ranges: 20...300 Pa, 50...500 Pa, and 200...1000 Pa. The maximum pressure is 10 kPa for all ranges. The media and ambient temperature range is -4 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit. The connections are hose barbs.

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