Product Feature - PDC Digital Pressure Gauge


The PDC digital pressure gauge is suitable for many pressure measurement applications, such as mechanical engineering, plant construction, and hydraulics and pneumatics, where a power source is not readily available. The back-lit lighting of the PDC-2 version provides optimal illumination and display, even in poor lighting conditions.


The bar graph display, with an integrated drag indicator, shows the trend of the current pressure. The programmable functions are set using the front keys and include user selectable PSI, bar or MPa display. The PDC-2 includes an additional 4 1/2 digit display for direct display of MIN/MAX memory, tare, and other parameters independent of the main display.


The measuring range span options for the PDC are from 29 PSI to 10,150 PSI. The housing and wetted parts are made of all stainless steel for ranges above 725 PSI and are resistant to chemically aggressive substances. The digital pressure gauge meets the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility according to EN 61326.

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