Flow Sensors and Flow Controls

KOBOLD offers one of the industry’s most extensive lines of flowmeters for liquid and gas applications, including:

  • Variable area flowmeters
  • Paddle wheel flowmeters
  • Turbine flowmeters
  • Vortex flowmeters
  • Oval gear meters
  • Target flowmeters
  • Magnetic flowmeters

KOBOLD also offers a variety of flow switches and flow transmitters.

Pressure Sensors and Pressure Controls

KOBOLD instrumentation for measuring and controlling pressure includes:

  • Mechanical pressure switches
  • Electronic pressure switches
  • Mechanical pressure gauges
  • Electronic pressure gauges
  • Pressure transmitters

Level Sensors and Level Controls

The KOBOLD line of level monitoring and control products includes:

  • Float level switches
  • Optical level switches
  • Ultrasonic level switches
  • Conductive level switches
  • Float-type level transmitters
  • Magnetostrictive level transmitters
  • Ultrasonic level transmitters
  • Capacitance level transmitters

In addition, KOBOLD manufactures bypass level gauges and mini-bypass level gauges, which are mounted on tanks to provide a visual indication of level together with optional level switches and level transmitters.

Temperature Sensors and Temperature Controls

KOBOLD manufactures many temperature measurement and control products, such as:

  • Temperature switches
  • Temperature gauges
  • Temperature transmitters


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