ADI-1 - Universal Input LED Display Controller

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Product Specifications
Housing DesignPanel Mounted or Field Housing
Display270° Bargraph with 5-digit LED Digital Display
Relays 2 SPDT Limit Contacts Standard
Input Power 100...240 VAC/VDC or 18...30 VAC/10...40 VDC
Input SignalsAnalog 4-20 mA, 0-5 V, 0-10 V or Frequency Pulse
Product Features
Min/Max Memory
IP65 Ingress Protection
Easily User Programmable via Push Buttons
Ratemeter & Totalizer Display

The KOBOLD ADI-1 is designed to display and process signal values. Frequency, current, or voltage input signals may be processed. It features both a 5-digit display and a 55-point, 270° bar graph. All internal process parameters, in different configurations, can be displayed. Programming is easy, with 4 front buttons in three different programming modes.

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