DAG-T4 - Universal Digital Indicator/Controller

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Product Specifications
Display Programmable, 5-digit LED, Red
Nominal Dimensions96x48 mm
Input Thermocouple, Pt100, Current and Voltage
OutputRelay - 2 N/O Contacts
Input Power100...240 VAC ± 10%
Product Features
Versatile Process Indicator with Totalizing Function
Thermocouple, RTD and Linear Analog Inputs
96 mm x 48 mm Nominal Size
Large, 5-Digit LED Display

The KOBOLD DAG-T4 is a versatile process indicator with a totalizing function. It can measure the majority of variables encountered in most industrial processes. It can accept many input types including thermocouples, thermo resistance, voltage, and current. It also offers two alarms (six functions), sensor offset, configuration of parameters protected by password, USB communication, and temperature indication in either °C or °F.

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