MRT - Rate Meter, Totalizer & Batcher

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Product Specifications
Displayed ValuesRate, Total, Batch
LED DisplayRed, 0.55" High
Display Capability 5-Digit Rate, 6-Digit Total, 6-Digit Batch
Power Input110 VAC, 220 VAC, 12 VDC
Product Features
Display of Rate or Total
Batching Version Available
2 Presets for Rate or Total
Fully Scalable from 0 to 9999
Optional Analog Output or Serial Communication
NEMA 4X Front Panel

The KOBOLD MRT Series of rate metering, totalizing and batching controllers offers a full range of frequency input control options. Through use of full scalability and two internal setpoint relays, these controllers facilitate a wide range of totalizing and rate metering/control applications. A specialized batching version is ideally suited for use in automated fill and other metering tasks.

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