RL - Power Supply and Relay

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Product Specifications
InputDry Contacts, NPN or PNP Open Collectors (model dependent)
Excitation24 VDC (± 2%) @ 120 mA (RL-5900 series only)
Output SPDT Relay 10 A @ 240 VAC, 8 A @ 24 VDC
IndicatorsLED Green – Power ON; LED Red – Relay Energized
Product Features
Compact and Convenient
For Use With Dry Contacts or Transistor Switches (model dependent)
Integrated Power Supply and Isolation Relay (RL-5900 series)
Latching Relay for Pump Control (RL-6000 series)
Isolation Relay for Contact Protection (RL-6100 series)

Protect your flow, level, pressure, or temperature switch investment with a KOBOLD power supply and relay. The KOBOLD RL-5900 can handle the large loads your primary switching device may not be able to handle. Additionally, it can act as a 24 VDC power supply. The ability to handle 10 Amps at up to 240 VAC (resistive) gives the RL-5900 exceptional power switching capacity. Since excitation is built in, dry contacts or 24 VDC devices are equally compatible. The RL-6000 is a latching relay for start/stop applications such as pump or valve level control. Our standard 10 Amp, 240 VAC max. relay is adequate for most pump control circuits and electrically driven valves. This unit is designed for use with dry contacts. A 4 mA current supply provides the switching signal for the contacts. Contact protection is the sole function of the RL-6100. A dry switch closure energizes the internal 10 Amp relay.

Additional Product Documents

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