ZOE - Rate and Totalizing Display

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Product Specifications
Housing DesignSurface, Wall or Pipe Mountings
Display5/8-Character LCD Rate/Total Display
Input Power Internal Battery or 9-28 VDC
Input SignalPulse Frequency (NPN, PNP, NAMUR Coil, Reed Switch or Active)
Output NPN Open Collector (Only w/External Power Option)
Product Features
Scalable, Resettable, LCD Flow Rate & Totalizer
Reinforced Plastic Housing, IP66/67 Ingress Protection
Easily User Programmable via Push Buttons
Optional Wall or Pipe Mounting Brackets

The ZOE Rate and Totalizing Display is specifically designed for the calculation and display of volumetric or mass flow rate & total. It operates via battery or an external power supply. The ZOE can be paired with many flowmeters that have a pulse/frequency output. The LCD displays the flow rate, a resettable total, and a grand totalizer. Mass units can also be set. The ZOE is weather resistant and offers IP 66/67 protection. The electronics are housed in a UV-resistant, glass-fiber reinforced plastic with stainless steel screws and FKM seals. The ZOE is suitable for indoor or outdoor environments and complies with EU Directive 2004/108/EC for electromagnetic compatibility.

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