ZOK - Totalizer Batcher and Monitor Electronics

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Product Specifications
DisplayLCD Rate, Total
Input Type2x NPN, PNP, NAMUR, Reed, Hall
Ingress ProtectionIP44 (Panel Mount), IP66/67 (Universal Mount)
Display UnitsLiters, Milliliters, Gallons (US or UK), Barrel, m3, User Defined Engineering Units
Product Features
Internal Battery or Externally Powered, 8-Digit LCD Resettable and Cumulative Totalizer, 5 Digit Rate Display as Main Value
Rugged Field or Meter Mount Housing with Protective Cover
Accepts Universal Pulse Inputs
Long Battery Life

The ZOK is designed to calculate, display, and transfer calculations and flow rates of flow meters with pulse or frequency outputs. It displays flow rate, a resettable day count, and a total count. An easy to use menu guides you through the programming. All program settings are retained, even during a battery change. The electronics are housed in a UV-resistant, glass-filled plastic housing with stainless steel screws and FKM seals.

Additional Product Documents

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