MFR - Magnetic Filter

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Product Specifications
FittingsFemale Thread G 1/4...G 4
Body MaterialBronze Body, Stainless Steel Filter Screen, Ceramic Magnets, Klinger-SIL C-4300 Gasket
Max. Pressure232 PSIG (15 Bar)
Max. Temperature392 °F
Product Features
Protects Devices from Debris and Sediment Contamination
Removes Ferrous Particulates From Liquids
St. Steel Filter Screen is Easily Removed for Periodic Cleaning
G 1/4...G 4 Female Connections

The KOBOLD MFR Series magnetic filters are used in many applications, including central system filters, where it is necessary to protect devices from dirt and contamination. They are used to catch and remove contaminants from industrial cooling and lubrication circuits, especially where residue and sediment from assembly (such as chips from thread-cutting) and normal operation (such as scale and residue from frictional wear) can be carried along in the media being filtered. Contaminants of these types can form deposits that can cause pitting and corrosion in highly sensitive measuring and control devices. Regular maintenance and cleaning of the magnetic filter inserts will effectively prevent system and device failure and the resulting downtime.

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