DA - Sight Flow Indicators for Liquids

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Product Specifications
Size Range1/4"... 2" NPT, 1/2"... 8" ANSI Flange
Connection Type NPT Threaded or ANSI Flanged
Maximum Pressure230 PSIG (Optional 360 PSIG or 580 PSIG)
Maximum Temperature250 or 300°F, Depending on Model (Optional 530°F)
Product Features
Sight Glass with Flap, Rotor, or Drip Tube
Cast Iron, Cast Steel, or Stainless Steel Body
Soda-Lime or Borosilicate Glass Windows

The KOBOLD DA-series of flow indicators and sight glasses are available in NPT threaded or ANSI flanged process connections. Body materials are offered in cast iron, cast steel, or stainless steel with either soda-lime or borosilicate glass windows.

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