DIH - Rotating Vane Flow Indicator

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Product Specifications
Flow Capability 0.05...0.13 GPM to 0.26...13.2 GPM (Water)
Fittings 3/8" NPT, 1" NPT
HousingBrass, Stainless Steel, POM
Max. Pressure 230 PSI
Max. Temperature176 °F
∆P at Max. Flow14.5 PSI
Product Features
Compact Size
Clearly Visible Flow Indication
Choice of Three Housing Materials

The KOBOLD DIH Series rotating vane flow indicator for fluids offers visual flow indication without flow measurement in a compact design. Similar to the KOBOLD DRH Series paddle-wheel flow sensor, but without the electronics, the DIH Series rotating vane flow indicator includes a highly visible, red polypropylene paddle wheel to provide visual indication of flow. The DIH Series rotating vane flow indicator is available with your choice of nickel-plated brass, stainless steel or POM (polyoxymethylene) housing to suit a variety of liquid flow indication applications.

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