DOG - Oscillation Flowmeter for Gases

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Product Specifications
Range0,2-20...35-3500 Nm³/h (Air)
FittingsDN25... 200 Flange, ANSI 1"...8"
Wetted Materials Stainless Steel
Maximum Pressure40 Bar
Maximum Temperature248°F (120°C)
Accuracy± 1.5 % of Measured Value (Air)
OutputPulse Frequency, Digital Display for Flow Measurement & Totalization
Product Features
For Flow Measurement of Gases
No Moving Parts
Low Pressure Loss
Wide Sensing Range

The KOBOLD DOG-4 flowmeter is used for flow measurement of gases. The gaseous media flows through an orifice within a tube. Bypass bores are located at the sides. The dynamic pressure at the orifice causes a small part of the volumetric gas flow to divide into the bypass channel. The division ratio remains constant over the whole measuring range. The bypass channel contains the oscillator – the measuring cell itself. When the gas flows through the measuring cell, a gas column oscillates in a U-shaped channel mounted to the left and right. This oscillation frequency is proportional to the flow velocity and thus to the total volume flow. The oscillation frequency is sensed with a platinum sensor. An alternating electrical signal is generated and is displayed and/or transmitted by the electronics module.

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