DUC - Portable or Stationary Ultrasonic Flowmeter for Liquids

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Product Specifications
Measurement PrincipleTime-of-flight w/DSP (Transit Time Principle)
Flow Velocity Range0...98 ft/sec
Pipe Size Range3/8"...20 Feet
Temperature Range-40...300 °F
Accuracy up to 1% of Reading
Product Features
Easy-to-read User Interface with LED Backlight, QVGA Display
Quick-Mount-System with Space Bar for Ultrasonic Transducers, 0.5, 1 and 2 MHz
DSP Technology Reduces Signal Echoes and Dispersion Effects, Having a Positive Effect on the Signal to Noise Ratio
Portable and Stationary Versions Available
Applications within Power Plants, Water/Wastewater and Chemical Processing Industries

The KOBOLD DUC uses the effect of acceleration and deceleration of acoustic signals traveling in a moving liquid. Two ultrasonic clamp-on transducers are externally mounted on a pipe and produce an acoustic path. The transducers send and receive acoustic signals and their transit times are measured by an electronic flow transmitter. The signal is accelerated by the flow in the forward direction. The return signal is decelerated by the flow in the opposite direction. The difference in time between the two, together with the path length L, can be used to determine the average flow velocity. This principle is known as the acoustic time-of-flight principle.
The DUC emits a coded signal pattern (DSP or Digital Signal Processing) into the pipe. The received signals will be compared with the sent signals and only the signal pattern, which correlates with the original one, will be used for flow calculation (cross correlation based signal evaluation). The DSP calculation of the time-of-flight is a pure digital transit time measurement.
Please note that full versions of the operation manuals are available by contacting our office or sending a request to: info@koboldusa.com

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