DUK - Compact Ultrasonic Flowmeter

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Product Specifications
Measuring Ranges 0.02...5 GPM to 0.6...160 GPM
Accuracy± 0.7 % of Rate and ± 0.7 % F.S.
Fittings½"...3" NPT or G (BSPP)
MaterialBrass or 316 Stainless Steel
Maximum Temperature248 °F
Maximum Pressure230 PSIG
Turndown Ratio250 to 1
OutputsAnalog, Frequency, Switching, Compact Electronics w/ Digital Displays, Batching and Totalizing Electronics
Product Features
Suitable for Water and Many Low Viscosity, Water-based Liquids with Max. 1% Solids
High Turndown Ratio of 250 to 1
Very Small Pressure Loss
Highly Repeatable
Measurement Independent of Density and Temperature Changes

KOBOLD DUK Series compact ultrasonic flowmeters are used for measuring, monitoring, and batching of low viscosity (water-based) fluids. These compact ultrasonic flowmeters with no moving parts work on the principle of run-time difference. Ultrasonic waves in the media are influenced by the rate of flow. It features two sensors mounted opposite one another in the pipeline, which function simultaneously as transmitter and receiver of ultrasonic signals. If no flow is present, the run-times of both signals are identical. If the media is flowing, the run-time of the signal against the flow will be longer than the signal with the flow. This run-time difference, determined by the KOBOLD DUK Series compact ultrasonic flowmeter’s microprocessor, is proportional to flow rate.

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