KAL-D - Compact Thermal Flow Switch for Water-Based Liquids

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Product Specifications
Switching Range 0.15...6.6 ft/sec (Water)
Fittings ¼" NPT, ½" NPT, M12 x 1, G¼, G½
Wetted Material316-Ti SS
Maximum Pressure580 PSIG
Max. Media Temperature 176 °F
Repeatability ± 2 %
Switch OutputPNP/NPN, N/O, N/C (Specified upon Ordering)
Product Features
Stainless Steel Housing
No Moving Parts
Compact Design

The KOBOLD KAL-D compact thermal flow switch combines the features of our legendary KAL-K thermal flow switch with a very compact size. The flow switch uses the calorimetric principle to monitor the flow rate of non-viscous, water-based liquids. The sensor tip is internally heated to a few degrees above the liquid temperature and cools as the liquid flows across it. The amount of cooling is proportional to liquid velocity. The liquid velocity is compared to the setpoint, which is field-adjustable by the user, and a transistor switch is activated when the flow setpoint is reached. The KOBOLD KAL-D temperature-compensating compact thermal flow switch has a smooth measuring probe with no moving parts, making it exceptionally reliable and insensitive to dirt and solids. The insertion-type probe allows for flow monitoring with minimal system pressure loss.

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