KAL-L - Thermal Air Flow Switch

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Product Specifications
Measuring Range1...20 m/s (Air)
Fittings½" NPT, Flange
OutputSPDT Relay, Max. 250 VAC / 1000 VA / 4A
Max. Pressure 120 PSIG
Max. Temperature250 °F
Switching Accuracy± 10% of Reading
Product Features
Negligible Pressure Loss
No Moving Parts
Adjustable Response Time
Temperature Compensated
Easy to Install

The KOBOLD KAL-L flow switch allows rapid detection of flow rate changes in non-hazardous gases. Fast reaction times are guaranteed by the electronic design. Through the use of two RTD's, one to sense flow and the other to detect ambient temperature, the switch can compensate for thermal changes in its surroundings. This “smart” behavior minimizes erroneous switching due to changes caused by things such as the weather. Almost any conceivable pipe size can be accommodated by the insertion style design. Knowledge of the flow velocity in your system is all that is needed to make the KAL-L work. Typical application areas include: air conditioning systems, ventilation systems and conveying plants.

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