MAS - Mass Flowmeter for Gases

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Product Specifications
Measuring Ranges 0...10 SCCM to 0...500 SLPM
Fittings¼" NPT, ½" NPT, ¼"...½" Swagelok®
Body Material Polyamide, Aluminum, SS
Max. Pressure 100 PSIG (Polyamide, Aluminum), 500 PSIG (SS)
Max. Media Temperature120 °F
Accuracy± 1.5% F.S. at 15...25°C & 5...60 PSIA
Input Power12 VDC Standard, 24 VDC Optional
Output Signal (Linear) 0-5 VDC Standard, 4-20 mA Optional
Product Features
± 1.5% F.S. Accuracy at 15...25°C & 5...60 PSIA
Mass Flow Based Measurement
Temperature/Pressure Change Insensitive
Meter Ranges to 500 SLM Maximum
Polyamide, Aluminum, or Stainless Steel Construction
Maximum Meter Pressures to 500 PSIG (SS)
Exceptional Versatility
Remote Display Capability
Analog Output Standard

The KOBOLD MAS Series mass flowmeter for dry gases measures clean gaseous flow rates in ranges from 0-10 SCCM to 0-500 SLPM. Accuracy is ±1.5% of full scale over a wide temperature and pressure range. Response time is two seconds to within 2% of final flow. This flowmeter offers outstanding performance and unsurpassed value. In contrast to volumetric flow metering devices, the MAS Series requires no pressure or temperature correction making this flowmeter ideal for a wide variety of clean gas flow applications, including general process control, flow into vacuum systems, leak testing and flow calibration. The MAS Series is available with a polyamide, aluminum or stainless steel body and with or without a digital display. When the display option is selected, the 3-1/2 digit LCD is rotatable 180° for easy viewing. The remote display option is supplied with 5 feet of cable and may be extended up to a maximum of 100 feet for remote surface mounting.

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