PIT - Insertion Magnetic Flowmeter

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Product Specifications
Pipe Diameter150...2000 mm (6"...78")
Accuracy± 1.5% of Reading, ± 0.5% of Span (at Reference Conditions)
FittingInsertion Weld Sleeve with ANSI or DIN Mounting Flange
Adjustable Span 1...10 m/s (3.3...33 Ft/Sec.)
Product Features
Stainless Steel or PFA-clad Insertion Probe with SS, Hastelloy®, Platinum or Tantalum Electrodes
For Conductive Media >20 µS/cm
Flow Transmitter with 4-20mA/HART®, Pulse, and Status
Remote or Integrally-Mounted Transmitter Available
Valve Assembly Available for Insertion/Extraction Under Pressure
Profibus-PA® Available as an Option

The PIT Series insertion magnetic flowmeter with no moving parts is designed to measure the flow velocity of conductive liquids in large diameter pipes. The insertion-style design makes it potentially cost-effective versus large, inline magnetic flowmeters from the standpoint of purchase price as well as installation cost. This is because the insertion-type design requires just a single bore hole in the side of the pipe instead of an entire pipe section, as is required to install inline-type magnetic flowmeters. This insertion magnetic flowmeter can also be provided with a valve assembly, which allows for insertion/extraction of the magnetic flowmeter while the system is pressurized and operating. The PIT Series' mounting armature can be supplied in stainless steel or PFA-Clad, with electrodes available in stainless steel, Hastelloy®, platinum, tantalum and other materials on request. The flow transmitter is supplied standard with HART® protocol. Profibus-PA® is available as an option.

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