TMU - High Performance Coriolis Mass Flowmeter

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Product Specifications
Mass Flow Measuring Ranges 2.2...22 Lb/Min. to 220...2200 Tons/Hr.
Line Size ¼"...10" Standard (to 16" Upon Request)
Accuracy± 0.15% of Reading or Better
Fittings NPT Thread, ANSI CL 150/300 Flange, Others Upon Request
Max. Pressure580 PSIG Standard (Higher Upon Request)
Max. Operating TemperatureUp to 500 °F (Depending Upon Model)
Product Features
Highest Flow Capability Available in the Industry
Liquid or Gas Flow Measurement
Wetted Materials Available Include 316L Stainless Steel, Hastelloy® C-22, Others on Request
Highly Immune to Piping Induced Measuring Errors Caused by Vibration
Simultaneous Mass Flow, Density, Temperature and Volume Flow Measurements
Highly Efficient Heating Jackets Optional
HART®, MODBUS (RS-485) and Profibus-PA® Available

The Heinrichs TMU Series high performance Coriolis mass flowmeter from KOBOLD Instruments distinguishes itself from the competition because we are able to achieve higher flow rates and mass flow measurements in larger line sizes than other mass flowmeter providers. With the TMU Series, we have achieved accurate mass flow measurements up to 2,200 metric tons per hour in line sizes up to 16 inches. It has a very accurate, rugged design built for mass flow measurements of liquids and gases in most chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas applications. Mass flow, density and temperature are simultaneously measured, and volumetric flow is computed from these parameters. The flowmeter’s wetted materials (fittings and measuring tubes) are available in 316L stainless steel or Hastelloy® C-22 with other materials available on request. There are no moving parts to wear out, and the measuring tubes and sensors are protected by a very rugged, all-welded housing. The TMU employs a highly effective measuring tube de-coupling system that virtually eliminates errors caused by piping-induced vibrations and stresses. This allows the flowmeter to provide very accurate mass flow measurements in the most demanding applications. The TMU Series high performance Coriolis mass flowmeter from KOBOLD Instruments is the clear choice if you require mass flow measurements of very high flows in large line sizes.

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