Flow Indicator

Size Range1/4"... 2" NPT, 1/2"... 8" ANSI Flange
Connection Type NPT Threaded or ANSI Flanged
Maximum Pressure230 PSIG (Optional 360 PSIG or 580 PSIG)
Maximum Temperature250 or 300°F, Depending on Model (Optional 530°F)
Fittings¼"...1½" NPT
Body MaterialBrass or SS, Borosilicate Glass
Max. Pressure 232 PSIG
Max. Temperature212 °F
Viscosity Limit150 cSt Max.
Flow Range 0.16...1.6 GPH to 105...2400 GPH (Water)
Fittings 1/8"...1½" NPT
Body MaterialBrass, SS, Polyamide, Polysulfone
Max. Pressure 235 PSIG (Model Dependent)
Max. Temperature230 °F (Model Dependent)
Flow Capacity0.13...3.2 GPM to 0.79...21 GPM (Water)
Fittings 1/8"...1" NPT
HousingBrass, Stainless Steel, Polypropylene
Max. Pressure230 PSI
Max. Temperature 176 °F
∆P at Max. Flow14.5 PSI
Flow Capability 0.05...0.13 GPM to 0.26...13.2 GPM (Water)
Fittings 3/8" NPT, 1" NPT
HousingBrass, Stainless Steel, POM
Max. Pressure 230 PSI
Max. Temperature176 °F
∆P at Max. Flow14.5 PSI
Water Ranges0.014-4.0 GPM ... 0.047-27.0 GPM
Air Ranges 0.11-14 SCFM ... 0.32-88 SCFM
Max. Pressure85 PSIG
Max. Temperature250 °F
Connection 1/8"...1" NPT
Body Material Brass
Indicating Range0.04...0.5 GPM to 0.50...22.0 GPM (Water)
Fittings 1/8...1 NPT
Body Material Brass
Max. Pressure 85 PSIG
Max. Temperature250 °F
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