MM - Reed Chain Level Sensor

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Product Specifications
Max. Measuring Length 236" (6000 mm)
Max. Pressure435 PSIG (30 bar)
Max. Temperature 266 °F (130 °C)
Available Wetted MaterialsStainless Steel, PVC, PP, PVDF
Fittings⅜"...2" NPT, ANSI 1½"...4" Flange
Product Features
Simple and Reliable Design with Only One Moving Part
Constant Level Indication Regardless of Conductivity, Pressure and Temperature
Output Signal is Directly Proportional to the Liquid Level

The KOBOLD MM level sensor/transmitter is used for continuous level indication and monitoring of all types of compatible liquids. It uses the proven float principle with magnetic transmission in a 3-wire potentiometer circuit. Its simple design with only one moving part, the float, makes the transmitter particularly reliable. A wide range of sensors are offered in different materials, designs and connections, making them suitable for many measured-value data acquisition applications.

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