NEO - Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

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Product Specifications
Maximum Range18 or 24.5 feet from Sensor Face
Dead Band0.5 Feet (6 inches)
Fitting2" NPT
Wetted MaterialPVDF
Temp. Range-40...140 °F
Pressure Rating30 PSI @ 75 °F
Output4-20 mA, 2-Wire Loop Powered or 4-20 mA, 3-Wire w/SPDT Relay
Product Features
Capable of Monitoring Tanks and Bins up to 24.5 Feet Deep
Compact and Easily Installed
Automatic Temperature Compensation
Non-contact Sensor
Compatible with Viscous, Sticky or Chemically Aggressive Media
4–20 mA Output Signal
On-board Display for Easy Setup
SPDT Relay Version May be Configured as a Level Alarm or for Auto Tank Fill/Empty
Loop Powered and Intrinsically Safe Versions are Available

The KOBOLD NEO Series EchoKing™ ultrasonic level transmitter is a full-featured level sensing system suitable for monitoring levels of liquids and some dry bulk materials. This ultrasonic level transmitter’s sophisticated signal processing delivers accuracy and dependability. These enhanced capabilities are made possible by a powerful internal microprocessor that uses a form of artificial intelligence to learn about its surroundings. An ongoing learning process helps the transmitter distinguish between real echoes, reflections and just plain old background noise. At the same time, the sensor constantly adapts to changes in the onsite conditions. In air environments, the NEO adjusts for temperature variations through use of an internal thermal sensor and compensating table. A built-in relay may be used to control tank-fill/tank-empty operations, as an alarm for level detection, or for fault detection. Span, setpoint limits and all necessary information is stored digitally in the ultrasonic level transmitter’s non-volatile memory – there are no sensitive analog potentiometers to adjust. Despite its technical complexity, the KOBOLD NEO Series EchoKing ultrasonic level transmitter is easily programmable via an onboard touch-pad. All process parameters can be easily entered into the system at the installation site.

Additional Product Documents

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