NMT - Magnetostrictive Level Meter

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Product Specifications
Measuring Length12...157 Inches
Fittings2" NPT or G2
Wetted MaterialStainless Steel
Max. Pressure145 PSIG
Media Temperature Range-4...158 °F
Accuracy± 0.04" (± 1 mm)
Output4-20 mA
Product Features
High Accuracy
Stainless Steel Wetted Materials
4-20 mA Analog Output
Long Service Life
Resistant to Machine Vibration

The KOBOLD NMT Series magnetostrictive level meter is a highly accurate, float-controlled sensor for continuous sensing of liquid levels. The instrument consists of two parts: 1) A magnetostrictive sensor in the measuring tube; and 2) An integral, four-wire transmitter with the connection box. This level meter uses the principle of echo time measurement. A magnetostrictive wire is tensioned in the measuring tube. Current pulses are transmitted through the wire and generate an annular magnetic field around the wire. The wire is then magnetized axially by magnets fitted internally to the float. When the magnetic fields align, a torsional impulse is generated, which propagates with ultrasonic speed in both directions. The distance from the float magnet to the predefined zero-point is measured by an echo time measurement. The NMT Series magnetostrictive level meter’s integrated electronics convert the time signal to a standard 4-20 mA analog signal. The magnetostrictive technique used by the KOBOLD NMT Series yields measurements with very high accuracy and resolution.

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