NRF-1F - Capacitance Level Probe for Low-Dielectric Liquids

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Product Specifications
Fittings ¾", 1½" NPT
Accuracy± 1% of Span
Repeatability ± 0.1% of Span
Output4-20 mA
Max. Pressure100 PSIG @ 70°F / 50 PSIG @ 212°F / 14.5 PSIG @ 350°F
Media Temperature Range-100...350 °F
Maximum Length10 Feet
Wetted Materials
Fittings 316 Stainless Steel
ProbeFully PFA Clad or 316 SS w/PTFE Spacers
Product Features
Heavy Duty Industrial Design
Measurement of Fuels and Solvents with Bare SS Probe
Measurement of Water Based Liquids with PTFE-clad Probe
Compact Microprocessor Based Design

The KOBOLD NRF-1F series are highly reliable capacitance level transmitters specifically designed for tough applications requiring level measurement of low dielectric liquids, such as fuels and solvents, or high dielectric, water based solutions in tanks. The probe measures the change in capacitance that occurs as the level changes in the tank. The micro-processor based electronics convert the change in capacitance into a highly accurate, linear output signal. The design is both compact and easy to install. The advanced signal conditioning circuitry and integral (concentric) stilling well provide the high sensitivity required for measuring low dielectric liquids. It features a standard 4-20 mA loop powered transmitter mounted in 4 different housing options, a 3/4" or 1-1/2" NPT fitting, and a concentric probe for measuring ranges up to 10 feet. The sensing probe is 316 stainless steel and comes bare or clad in PFA. Options include an LCD display or optional remote mounted DIN rail transmitter, which can be connected to the level sensor via a cable up to 1,000 feet. The remote transmitter option provides an easy set-up when access to the probe's electrical enclosure is limited. Calibration is accomplished via 4 buttons located on the transmitter. Common bare rod (low dielectric) applications include: diesel fuel tanks, vegetable oils and solvents.

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