NRF-1W - Flexible Cable Water Well Level Transmitter

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Product Specifications
Accuracy± 1% of Span
Repeatability± 0.1% of Span
Max. Length1000 Feet (300m)
Wetted Materials
Standard Fitting3/4” NPT (316 SS)
CablePFA-clad 3/32" Diameter SS Cable
Weight316 SS
Process Temp. Range-100...350 °F
Ambient Temp. Range-40...160 °F
Max. Pressure (SS Fitting)100 PSIG @ 70 °F, 50 PSIG @ 300 °F, 14 PSIG @ 350 °F
Product Features
Flexible Cable Lengths Up to 1000 Feet (300m)
Accuracy of ± 1% of Span
High Frequency Propagation Resists Errors Due to Coating
PFA-clad SS Cable
Flexible, Segmented ½" Diameter Stainless Steel Cable Weight
Simple, Non-Interacting Zero and Span Adjustment

The KOBOLD Series NRF-1W flexible-cable water well level transmitter is a highly dependable, deep water-well level sensor, designed to measure water levels within in-ground pipes of 3/4" ID and larger. All wetted surfaces are PFA-clad and 316 stainless steel. The flexible, segmented weight facilitates ease of installation around slight bends in pipes. The microprocessor-based transmitter, which converts the capacitance change into a linear, highly accurate 4-20 mA signal, is mounted in the head mounted enclosure. Optional remote-mounted electronics are also available. The water-well level transmitter operates at a higher frequency than similar devices, up to 2 MHz maximum, thereby minimizing the effects of coating on the probe. The compact and advanced microprocessor-based design makes installation and set-up a simple task.

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