NE - Conductive Level Switch

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Product Specifications
Contacts Up To 6 Contacts via External Relays
Fittings½" NPT, 1½" NPT Male
Material SS, Hastelloy®, Titanium w/ Polyolefin or PTFE Cladding
Max. Pressure440 PSIG
Max. TemperatureUp To 300 °F w/PTFE Cladding
Product Features
For Conductive Liquids Only (>20 uS/cm)
Multiple Switchpoints
Usable with Dirty / Corrosive Media
Highly Reliable

KOBOLD NE series conductive liquid level switches are used to monitor the level of moderately to strongly conductive liquids (>20 uS/cm) only. These conductive liquid level switches work through measurement of the electrical resistance between a sensing electrode and a reference electrode. The simple design incorporates no moving parts and makes these conductive liquid level switches especially suitable for difficult applications, such as monitoring the level of low-density liquids, high viscosity liquids, or liquids containing large quantities of suspended particulates. A complete NE Series level switch system consists of a reference electrode, a sensing (control) electrode and a relay/power supply. Up to six conductive electrodes may be mounted on each NE Series unit, for a total of up to six switch points. A wide range of available materials, including 316-Ti stainless steel, Hastelloy® or titanium with optional polyolefin or PTFE coating of electrodes, makes KOBOLD NE conductive liquid level switches ideal for use with corrosive or dirty media.

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