NEC - Heavy-Duty Float Level Switch

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Product Specifications
Wetted PartsPP Float w/PEC-Clad Cable or Hypalon®-clad PP Float w/PEC-Clad Cable
Max. Temperature 185 °F (NEC), 194 °F (NEC-HY)
Max. Pressure50 PSIG (NEC), 58 PSIG (NEC-HY)
SwitchSPDT Mechanical (Mercury-Free)
Max. Switch Ratings250 VAC 50/60 Hz, 16A Resistive Load/6A Inductive
Product Features
Polypropylene or Hypalon®-Coated Floats w/PEC Clad Cables
Simple, Rugged and Reliable
Unique, Isolated-Chamber Float Design
SPDT Mechanical Switch (Mercury-Free)
Adjustable Ballast Weight Included

The KOBOLD NEC Series float level switch for liquids provides mercury-free level switching for tank applications requiring high current capability. With such capacities, pumps may be directly controlled in many applications. The body of this float-type, heavy-duty, tilt level switch is constructed of industrial-quality polypropylene, and can be supplied with optional Hypalon® cladding for superior chemical resistance. Additionally, a five-isolated-chamber design makes this float level switch almost impossible to sink. The KOBOLD NEC Series float level switch for liquids is supplied with an adjustable ballast weight for easy installation into open tanks and a 16' or 30' cable. Extended cable lengths are available on request.

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