NGS - Heavy Duty Level Switch

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Product Specifications
Contact1 SPDT Mechanical Switch
FittingsSquare Flange, 2" NPT
Material 316 SS
Max. Pressure 360 PSIG
Max.Temperature480 °F
Liquid Density >0.7 g/ml
Product Features
High Capacity 10 Amp Mechanical Switch
All Wetted Parts of 316 SS
All-Metal Design is Ideal for Harsh Environments

The KOBOLD NGS Series heavy-duty level switch is hands-down one of the toughest liquid level switches on the market. The float and all other wetted parts are made of 316 stainless steel. The switch mechanism is activated by a permanent magnet external to the level switch housing so that no penetrations exist between the process media and the switch internals. This mode of operation results in a very reliable liquid level switch that requires no external power to operate. The high capacity 10 Amp mechanical switch will handle most electrical loads such as relays, solenoid valves and motor starters directly. The KOBOLD NGS Series heavy-duty liquid level switch has an all-metal design that is ideal for use in harsh environments and/or high temperatures.

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