NIR-9 - Rotating Vane Level Switch for Bulk Media

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Product Specifications
Fittings1"...1½" NPT, 110 mm and 200 mm Flange
Max. Media Temperature392 ºF (NIR-92)
Operating Pressure Range-7.25...7.25 PSIG
Min. Bulk Media Density2.37 Lb/ft3
SensitivityAdjustable, 3 Settings
HousingPolyester Coated Aluminum
SwitchSPDT Mechanical
Power Supply24 VDC, 110 VAC
Product Features
Sturdy Industrial Design
Easy Installation
Different Mounting Options
Adjustable Sensitivity
Competitive Price

The NIR-9 rotating vane level switch is suitable for a wide variety of applications for bulk materials and solids in silos and hoppers. Product level is reliably monitored, regardless of humidity and conductivity of the product. Different vanes and process connections are available, according to product and tank size. During operation, a motor drives a rotating vane on an extended shaft. As soon as the media reaches the rotating vane, its rotation is impeded. The restoring force moves the pivoting motor away from its original position. A micro-switch is actuated, which outputs an alarm signal. A second micro-switch turns off the motor. If the level decreases, the rotating vane is released and the force of a spring pulls the motor back to its original position. The motor restarts and the working contact is switched back. To allow for differing media characteristics, the switching sensitivity can be easily adjusted to three different settings by changing the spring position.

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