NSE - Stainless Steel Float Level Switch

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Product Specifications
Max. Temperature302 °F
Max. Pressure87 / 220 PSIG (Model Dependent)
Materials316 Stainless Steel
SwitchSPDT Reed Switch
Media Density0.8 S.G. Min.
Cable 6 Ft. (2 m) Silicone-clad Cable
Product Features
For All Types of Compatible Liquids
SPDT Reed Switch (Mercury-Free)
316 Stainless Steel Wetted Construction
302 °F Maximum Temperature
220 PSIG Maximum Pressure
Cylindrical or Ball Float Design

The KOBOLD NSE Series stainless steel float level switches enable liquid levels to be monitored easily and reliably. Tank levels may be conveniently controlled by the installation of two floats, one as a minimum level, the other as a maximum and then connected to a latching relay (sold separately) for automatic tank level control. These stainless steel float level switches can be installed wherever magnetic liquid level switches are unsuitable due to the risk of the float jamming with debris or coating-type media. All types of compatible liquids, including hot, contaminated or pulp-like media may be monitored with the KOBOLD NSE Series stainless steel float level switch.

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