NSV - Vibrating Level Switches for Bulk Media

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Product Specifications
Fittings1½" NPT, G-1½ Male
Wetted Material 303 SS
Max. Temperature176 °F
Minimum Material Density 3.75 Lb/ft3
Standard Probe Length9" (230 mm)
Maximum Probe Length118"
Supply Voltage 24, 110, 230 VAC 50/60 Hz or 18...36 VDC
Switch SPDT Relay Contact, Max. 250 VAC, 1A
Product Features
Suitable for Low Bulk Densities
Compact Size
Insensitive to Moisture
No Calibration Needed

The KOBOLD level switch model NSV excels in low density bulk media and is easy to maintain. It detects level via vibration technology. The vibrations are induced into a stainless steel fork by a piezoelectric crystal. When the media contacts the fork and dampens the vibration, it is detected and then transformed into a potential-free limit contact. In addition to the standard model NSV-8200, the model NSV-8201 offers vertical installation via an extended neck pipe up to 118". The sensitivity can be set for maximum or minimum via a selector switch. The status of the switch is indicated by an LED light.

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