NWP - Plastic Vibrating Fork Level Switches

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Product Specifications
Wetted PartsGlass-Filled PPS
Temperature Range-40...176 °F
Maximum Pressure150 PSIG @ 25 °C
Switch TypeSPST Relay, 60 VAC/VDC @ 1 Amp
Product Features
All Plastic Construction
Tolerates Foaming, Turbulence and Coatings
Reliable, Solid State Design
No Wearing Components
NEMA 6 Protection

KOBOLD NWP Series plastic level switches for liquids work on the vibrating fork principle. The tuning fork vibrates at a frequency of ~400 Hz in air. When the fork is immersed in liquid or slurry, the vibration ceases. This frequency change is detected by the switch electronics, which activate the SPST relay. The rugged vibrating fork technology provides a reliable level switch for a multitude of tough applications and is suitable for use with foaming, turbulent and some coating media. The all solid-state design affords the user the ultimate in reliability. Chemically-resistant all-plastic construction makes KOBOLD NWP Series plastic vibrating fork level switches ideal for use with many aggressive liquids. Should your application require a higher power/higher voltage switching capability, a 10 amp relay output is available through use of the optional RL Series power supply/relay module.

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