OPT - Optical Level Switch

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Product Specifications
Switch OutputNPN or PNP Open-collector
Fittings ½" NPT, G ½, M14 Bulkhead
Material Polysulfone, Polypropylene, 304 SS
Max. Pressure 145 PSIG
Max. Temperature 176 °F
Product Features
No Moving Parts
Small Hysteresis
Fast Response
Wide Applicability

The KOBOLD OPT Series optical level switch for liquids is perfect for serving as a level limit detector for various process liquids. Its small geometry ensures a very low switching hysteresis of merely ±1 mm. Our optical design is free of any moving parts, thus increasing the switch’s reliability immensely. This optical liquid level switch is completely self-contained; both the LED light source and the photodetector are housed behind the same lens. Fluid contacting the lens exterior changes its reflective properties, thereby allowing switching to take place through monitoring the light level striking the internal detector. The KOBOLD OPT Series can be used with clear, translucent and opaque liquids.

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