RFS - Side-Mounted Level Switch

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Product Specifications
Fitting1/2" NPT
ContactN/O or N/C Reed Switch
Electrical ConnectionDIN Plug or Aluminum Housing
Wetted Material304 Stainless Steel
Max. Pressure72 PSI
Media Temperature Range-40...248 °F
Minimum S.G.> 0.7 S.G.
Product Features
Small Size, Easy Installation
User Selectable N/O or N/C
Hermetically-Sealed Reed Switch
Cost Effective
Ideal for Tanks with Inaccessible Tops or Bottoms

The KOBOLD RFS level switch is a cost-effective liquid level switch for mounting in the side walls of tanks. The RFS Series level switch is constructed in stainless steel for maximum media compatibility. The straightforward design is distinguished by a small footprint, sturdy construction, and a high-capacity reed switch. The stainless steel float contains a magnet that activates a sealed reed contact as the liquid level rises above or drops below the switch installation point. The contact function may be selected as either normally open (N/O) or normally closed (N/C) by rotating the switch 180 degrees about its axis. This simple design makes the KOBOLD RFS affordable and maintenance-free.

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