TED - Optical Level Sensor for Liquids

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Product Specifications
Supply Voltage 5-35 VDC
Supply Current33 mA (Excluding Load)
Wetted Parts (SS Body)SS, FPM, Borosilicate Glass
Wetted Parts (Polysulfone Body)Polysulfone
Wetted Parts (PFA Body)PFA
Max. Pressure400 PSIG with SS Body
Operating Temperature-40...230 °F
Product Features
Polysulfone, Stainless Steel or PFA Bodies
Compatible With Most Liquids
Ultra-Reliable Design with No Moving Parts
No Adjustment or Calibration Required

The KOBOLD TED Series electro-optic level switch is the solution to your difficult level switching needs. This optical level sensor for liquids operates independently of liquid properties such as color, viscosity, dielectric constant, density, conductivity, contamination and temperature. The TED Series is compact, self-contained and all solid state. With no moving parts to wear out, reliability is not just a design goal, but a given. Installing this optical level sensor is easy. Simply thread the body into a container, reservoir or pipe. Polysulfone, stainless steel or PFA construction ensures compatibility with all metal or plastic containers. The KOBOLD TED Series optical level sensor’s chemical resistance makes it ideal for many industrial liquid level switching applications.

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