Level Monitoring

Wetted MaterialsStainless Steel, Brass, PVC, PP, NBR, PVDF
FittingsG ⅛, G ⅜, G ½ ,G 1, G 1½ G 2, 1" NPT, 1½" NPT, 2" NPT, PG 7 Male, DIN & ANSI Flanges
Connection BoxAluminum, Polyamide, Polypropylene, ABS
Max. Pressure 1450 PSIG
Max. Temperature 302 °F
Wetted PartsPolypropylene (PP), Neoprene®
Max. Temperature185 °F (85 °C)
Max. Pressure50 PSIG (3.5 BAR)
Max. Switch Rating250 VAC 50/60 Hz, 20A Resistive/8A Inductive Load
Fittings1/8" NPT, 1/4" NPT, PF 1/8" (3/8"...24 UNF)
Wetted MaterialsNBR, Brass, 316 St. Steel
Max. Pressure150 PSIG
Max. Temperature230°F (in Oil), 180°F (in Water)
Specific Gravity> 0.55 S.G.
Maximum Length96"
Fittings1/2"...2" NPT, 3" ANSI Flange
Stem/Fittings316 SS or PVC
FloatsNBR, SS or PP
Electrical Ratings100 VA SPST (Standard), 20 VA SPDT (Optional)
Maximum Length48"
Fittings1/8"...1" NPT, 5/16" Tube End
Stem/Fittings316 SS or Brass
Floats316 SS, NBR or Polypropylene
Electrical RatingsSPST 100 VA Standard
Max. Pressure100 PSIG
Max. Temperature225 °F
Fittings1/8" NPT or PF ¼
Minimum SG0.81
Contact Reed Switch
Fittings1/8", 1/4" NPT
Wetted MaterialSS
Max. Pressure400 PSIG
Max. Temperature300 °F
Liquid Density > 0.65 SG
Probe Length Range11" to 157"
Max. Pressure 435 PSIG (30 Bar)
Max. Media Temperature Up to 260 °F (125 °C)
Input Power18...36 VDC, 24 VAC, 110 VAC, 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Output Relay Contact
Wetted Parts Exposed to LiquidUser-Supplied 1¼" OD Tube
Wetted Parts Exposed to Air PocketNBR, Polyamide
MediaAny Compatible, Free-Flowing Liquid
Switchpoint4" Above the Bottom of User-Supplied Tube
Switch RatingSPDT, 250 VAC/8A max.
Contacts Up To 6 Contacts via External Relays
Fittings½" NPT, 1½" NPT Male
Material SS, Hastelloy®, Titanium w/ Polyolefin or PTFE Cladding
Max. Pressure440 PSIG
Max. TemperatureUp To 300 °F w/PTFE Cladding
Wetted PartsPP Float w/PEC-Clad Cable or Hypalon®-clad PP Float w/PEC-Clad Cable
Max. Temperature 185 °F (NEC), 194 °F (NEC-HY)
Max. Pressure50 PSIG (NEC), 58 PSIG (NEC-HY)
SwitchSPDT Mechanical (Mercury-Free)
Max. Switch Ratings250 VAC 50/60 Hz, 16A Resistive Load/6A Inductive
ContactsUp To 6 Contacts via External Relays
Fittings½" NPT, 1½" NPT Male
MaterialSS, Hastelloy®, Titanium, PTFE
Max. Pressure90 PSIG
Max. Temperature Up To 300°F w/PTFE Cable
Compatible Media For Conductive Liquids Only
Body MaterialPolypropylene or PPS
Sensing Electrode Material316-Ti SS
Fitting 3/4" NPT
Max. Pressure Polypropylene = 87 PSIG, PPS = 290 PSIG
Max. TemperaturePolypropylene = 140 °F, PPS = 185 °F
Switching OutputPNP or NPN Open Collector or SPDT Relay
Protection ClassIP68
Contact1 SPDT Mechanical Switch
FittingsSquare Flange, 2" NPT
Material 316 SS
Max. Pressure 360 PSIG
Max.Temperature480 °F
Liquid Density >0.7 g/ml
Fittings1"...1½" NPT, 110 mm and 200 mm Flange
Max. Media Temperature392 ºF (NIR-92)
Operating Pressure Range-7.25...7.25 PSIG
Min. Bulk Media Density2.37 Lb/ft3
SensitivityAdjustable, 3 Settings
HousingPolyester Coated Aluminum
SwitchSPDT Mechanical
Power Supply24 VDC, 110 VAC
Repeatability2 mm or Better
Input Voltage5...30 VDC
OutputSPDT Relay
Fitting3/4" NPT
Max. Temperature176 °F (80 °C) Standard, 212 °F (100 °C) HT Version
Fittings½" NPT or Bulkhead
Body/Float Material Polypropylene or PVDF
Max. Pressure145 PSI
Max. Media Temperature175 °F (PP), 212 °F (PVDF)
Minimum S.G.0.6 (PP), 0.95 (PVDF)
Contact Hermetically-Sealed Reed Switch
Electrical Connection2-Wire Jacketed Cable, 36" Length
Fittings1" NPT, G1
Max. Process Temp.158 °F
Switching RangeUp to 16 ft
Switch Rating250 VAC 1A
Contact1 Mechanical Switch
Fitting Circular Flange
MembraneNBR, FPM, SS
Retaining Ring Galvanized Steel, SS, Aluminum
Max. Temperature 176 °F...390 °F
Probe Length Range 118" Max. (Rod), 49 Feet (Cable)
Max. Pressure7 PSIG (0.5 Bar)
Media TemperatureUp to 176 °F (80 °C)
Minimum Dielectric Constant1.5
Input Power18...36 VDC, 24 VAC, 110 VAC, 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
OutputRelay Contact
Suitable MediaCompatible Low-Viscosity, Clear and Non-Coating Liquids
Fitting 3/8" NPT
Body Material316 SS, Polysulfone
Electrical Protection NEMA 6/IP68
Max. Pressure150 PSIG (Polysulfone), 550 PSIG (SS)
Temperature Range15°...250 °F
Max. Temperature302 °F
Max. Pressure87 / 220 PSIG (Model Dependent)
Materials316 Stainless Steel
SwitchSPDT Reed Switch
Media Density0.8 S.G. Min.
Cable 6 Ft. (2 m) Silicone-clad Cable
Max. Temperature140 °F
Max. Pressure45 PSIG
MaterialsPolypropylene Float/Neoprene Cable
SwitchSPDT Mechanical Switch
Media Density0.6 S.G. Minimum
Max. Temperature140 °F (185 °F with Optional Silicone or FEP-clad Cable)
Max. Pressure15 PSIG (NSP-5101), 30 PSIG (NSP-5201)
Wetted MaterialsPolypropylene Float/TPK Cable Standard
SwitchSPDT Mechanical Switch
Float Density0.6 S.G Min. (NSP-5201), 0.9 S.G. Min. (NSP-5101)
Max. Temperature302 °F
Max. Pressure15 PSIG
Wetted MaterialsPTFE Float / FEP-Clad Cable
SwitchSPDT Reed Switch
Switch Rating 4 to 250 VAC/ VDC, 60 VA, 1 mA to 1 A Max.
Media Density0.79 S.G. Min.
Fittings1½" NPT, G-1½ Male
Wetted Material 303 SS
Max. Temperature176 °F
Minimum Material Density 3.75 Lb/ft3
Standard Probe Length9" (230 mm)
Maximum Probe Length118"
Supply Voltage 24, 110, 230 VAC 50/60 Hz or 18...36 VDC
Switch SPDT Relay Contact, Max. 250 VAC, 1A
Contact 1 SPST Reed Contact, cCSAus Approved
Fitting3/4" NPT
Wetted Material Ni-plated Brass, SS
Max. Pressure 232 PSIG
Max. Temperature230 °F
Liquid Density> 0.63 SG
Fittings1½" NPT, G-1½
Wetted Materials316-Ti Stainless Steel
Maximum Pressure360 PSIG
Media Temperature Range-22°...230°F (Standard), -22°...320°F (Optional)
Switch Contact 1 SPDT Relay, 250 VAC/8A Max.
Wetted PartsGlass-Filled PPS
Temperature Range-40...176 °F
Maximum Pressure150 PSIG @ 25 °C
Switch TypeSPST Relay, 60 VAC/VDC @ 1 Amp
Contact 1 Electronic Switch
Fittings¾" NPT, 1" NPT, 2" Tri-Clamp
Material 316 SS
Max. Pressure 650 PSIG @ 265 °F
Max. Temperature265 °F
Viscosity 0.5...5000 cSt
Standard Wetted MaterialsPolypropylene, PDVF, NBR and Stainless Steel
Electrical Special Electrical Connections, Single-point and Multi-point Switches
Switch OutputNPN or PNP Open-collector
Fittings ½" NPT, G ½, M14 Bulkhead
Material Polysulfone, Polypropylene, 304 SS
Max. Pressure 145 PSIG
Max. Temperature 176 °F
Fitting1/2" NPT
ContactN/O or N/C Reed Switch
Electrical ConnectionDIN Plug or Aluminum Housing
Wetted Material304 Stainless Steel
Max. Pressure72 PSI
Media Temperature Range-40...248 °F
Minimum S.G.> 0.7 S.G.
Supply Voltage 5-35 VDC
Supply Current33 mA (Excluding Load)
Wetted Parts (Polysulfone Body)Polysulfone
Wetted Parts (PFA Body)PFA
Max. Pressure200 PSIG
Operating Temperature-40...230 °F
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