KDG / KDF - Micro Flowmeter and Switch

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Product Specifications
Available Measuring Ranges 0.25-2.5 l/h...16-160 l/h Water, 0.5-5 Nl/h...500-5000 Nl/h Air
Fittings ¼" FNPT
Material St. Steel, Glass, FPM Seals (FFKM Optional)
Max. Pressure 145 PSIG
Max. Media Temperature 212 °F (158 °F w/ Switch)
Option1 or 2 Inductive Proximity Switches (NAMUR Relay Required)
Product Features
Integral Flow Control Valve
Easy to Read Scale
Compact Design
Direct Reading Scales for Water and Air
Switching for Low Flows of Liquids and Gases
Optional Panel Mounting Kit

KOBOLD KDG/KDF series micro flowmeters with switches operate on the variable-area float principle and are designed for the measurement of very low gas and liquid flows. Flow can be set exactly within the measuring range using the integral precision metering valve. All variable area flowmeter ranges can be optionally fitted with 1 or 2 adjustable inductive proximity switches which may be configured to identify certain flow conditions. Two flow switch types are available: 1.) Monostable: Switch activates momentarily as the stainless steel float passes by upon rising or falling flow or 2.) Bistable: Switch activates as the stainless steel float rises and remains active until the float falls past the switch on decreasing flow. All micro flowmeters with flow switches require the addition of a suitable external, NAMUR relay for operation. A panel mounting kit is also available as an option.

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