KSR/SVN - Low Volume Flow Switch for Liquids or Gases

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Product Specifications
Switching Range0.03...4 GPH (Water), 0.1...13 SCFH (Air)
Fittings ¼" NPT, G¼
Wetted Materials 303 SS, Borosilicate Glass, FKM
Max. Pressure230 PSIG
Max. Media Temperature160 °F
ContactProximity Switch or Reed Contact
Product Features
Control of Very Small Liquid or Gas Flows
Proximity Switch or Reed Contact
Vertical Connections for Inline Mounting

KOBOLD micro flow switches, models KSR and SVN, operate on the same principle as a float-type or variable area flow indicator. Provided that the flow rate is above a preselected minimum, the float is raised from its seat and travels the full distance to its upper stop. The model SVN utilizes an inductive proximity switch which transmits a signal to a suitable power supply/relay module, such as our KFA or KFD series, triggering a user specified signaling or switching sequence. The model KSR contains a magnet within its float, which activates an electrically isolated reed-switch. As long as the maximum switching capacity of the reed switch is not exceeded, no supplemental relay is required to provide a triggering function. If additional switching capacity is required, KOBOLD can supply an appropriate isolation relay to protect the flow switch contacts from overload damage.

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