DW - Paddle-Bellows Flowmeter and Switch

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Product Specifications
Indication & Switching Range0.26...6.6 GPM to 1850...19800 GPM (Water)
Fittings 3/8"...2" NPT, 3/8"...2" ANSI, 1.5"...24" Weld-On
Body Material Brass, SS
Max. Pressure145 PSIG
Max. Temperature 210 °F
Accuracy ± 3 % ...5 % FS
Switch Contact RatingSPDT 10 A @ 250 VAC
Product Features
Excellent for Highly Contaminated Media
Orientation Independent
Brass or Stainless Steel Construction
High Current Switching Capability
Insensitive to Magnetic Fields

KOBOLD's DWU, DWN and DWS flowmeters and flow switches are based on the paddle, or static plate, principle. This type of arrangement is ideal for use in applications where dirt and solid grain contaminants are of concern. The paddle-bellows design of the DW Series paddle-bellows flowmeters and flow switches offers large internal clearances and mechanical insensitivity to a wide range of particulate matter.

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