DPF76 - Stainless Steel Diaphragm Pressure Gauge

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Product Specifications
Measuring Ranges -30"Hg...300 PSIG
Fitting½" MNPT
Housing Material304 SS (4") or Aluminum (6")
Housing Diameter4", 6"
Accuracy Class1.6
OptionGlycerine Filling
Product Features
St. Steel Wetted Parts for Corrosion Resistance
Suitable for Viscous Media
Tolerates Crystal Formation
Durable Diaphragm Element

The KOBOLD DPF76 Series diaphragm pressure gauges feature stainless steel construction for superior chemical and corrosion resistance for your intermediate pressure measurement applications. Because of the protective diaphragm seal design, these pressure gauges are ideal for use with viscous as well as corrosive fluids. Optionally, these diaphragm pressure gauges may be ordered with glycerine filling to help dampen the effects of machine vibration and pulsation of the media.

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