HND-P - Digital Hand-Held Pressure Gauges

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Product Specifications
Sensing Range0 mBar Abs. to 1000 Bar Rel. (Dependent Upon Sensor)
AccuracyFrom ± 0.1% Full Scale; ± 1 Digit
Available Functions Min./Max.Memory, Hold Function, Real-Time Clock, Data Logger, Alarm
Product Features
Automatic Sensor Recognition
Absolute Pressure Measurement
Relative Pressure Measurement
Differential Pressure Measurement
Large 2-Line x 4-Digit LCD Display
Rugged Housing, IP65 Rated Front Panel

The KOBOLD HND-P Series of handheld digital pressure meters can perform nearly all tasks for the determination of pressure. Various housing designs make it possible to find a digital pressure meter with the right characteristics for every application. In addition to the large selection of external pressure sensors up to a maximum of 400 bar absolute, units with integrated sensors for measurement in the millibar range are also available. Versatile and highly accurate, the HND-P pressure meters are ideally suited for applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food processing industries, as well as in machine, piping and container construction.

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