KAS/KPS - Pressure Switches

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Product Specifications
Range0...2½ to 6...60 Bar
Fittings 1/4" NPT via Brass Adapter
Wetted MaterialsBrass, SS, Carbon Steel
Contact TypeSPDT
Product Features
Industrial and Marine Applications
Worldwide Approvals
IP67 (NEMA 6) Enclosure
Rugged and Reliable

KOBOLD KAS and KPS Series pressure switches are built for industrial gas and compatible low-viscosity fluid applications. These pressure-operated switches are ideal for uses demanding a rugged, robust design. Environmental protection is provided by a high-grade IP67 (NEMA 6) enclosure, and the internal design provides excellent resistance to shock and vibration. Both the KAS and KPS Series feature SPDT switches with a DC contact rating of 125V, 12W. The KAS Series pressure switch has an AC contact rating of 250V, 0.1A inductive load. The KPS Series pressure switch has an AC contact rating of 440V, 6A inductive load and 440V, 10A resistive load. Many conventional, as well as some unconventional, requirements for outdoor and indoor use are covered by KOBOLD KAS and KPS Series pressure switches. Typical installations include industrial and marine applications in manufacturing plants, diesel units, compressors, power stations, and ships.

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