PSC - Digital Electronic Pressure Sensor

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Product Specifications
Measuring RangeVacuum, Compound and Positive Pressures up to 10000 PSIG
Max. Temperature176 °F
Fittings1/4" NPT, G 1/4
Accuracy± 1.0% FS
Product Features
Four Digit LED Rotatable Display
Easy Two Button Programming
Integrated Password Protection
Repeatability of ± 0.2% FS

The KOBOLD PSC pressure sensor is designed for both pressure monitoring and optionally, continuous pressure measurement within one device. The user-friendly design of the PSC allows simple switchpoint or switchpoint/transmitter programming without actual system pressurization. The selectable PNP/NPN transistor output is capable of switching currents up to 500 mA. Each switch is fully programmable, including reset point, switch type, and switching function. Analog current and voltage output options are available for remote monitoring of system pressures. The ceramic or thin-film measuring cells give the PSC excellent repeatability and longevity, even with wide pressure variations. The high-quality stainless steel housing makes it well suited for industrial environments.

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