SCH-PSB - Differential Pressure Switch for HVAC

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Product Specifications
Measuring Ranges 20...300 Pa, 50...500 Pa & 200...1000 Pa
Max. Pressure 10 kPa (1.45 PSI) for All Ranges
Media and Ambient Temperature Range-4...158 °F
ConnectionsHose Barb
Media Air, Non-combustible and Non-aggressive Gases
Product Features
Monitoring of Air Filters and Ventilators
Monitoring Industrial Cooling Air Circuits
Overheating Protection for Heater Fans
Monitoring Flows in Ventilation Ducts
Controlling Air and Fire-Protection Flaps
Frost Protection for Heat Exchangers

KOBOLD’s model SCH-PSB is an adjustable differential pressure switch for monitoring overpressure, vacuum, and differential pressure of air or other non-combustible, non-aggressive gases in low-pressure HVAC systems. The switching pressure may be adjusted without a pressure gauge using a scaled adjustment knob. The switching differential is easily adjusted using a screwdriver.

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