Pressure Gauges

Measuring Ranges -30"Hg...300 PSIG
Fitting½" MNPT
Housing Material304 SS (4") or Aluminum (6")
Housing Diameter4", 6"
Accuracy Class1.6
OptionGlycerine Filling
Measuring Range-14.7...10000 PSIG
Fitting ½" MNPT Brass
Housing Material 304 SS or Aluminum
Diameter of Housing4"
DIN Accuracy Class1.6
OptionGlycerin Filling
Measuring Range-14.7...10,000 PSIG
Fitting1/2" MNPT SS
Housing Material Stainless Steel
Housing Diameter4", 6"
DIN Accuracy Class 1.6
OptionGlycerin Filling
Ranges-14.7...10,000 PSIG
Fitting ½" MNPT
Wetted Parts Brass
DIN Accuracy Class1.6
Dial Size 4"
Media TemperatureFreezing to 180 °F
Switches Adjustable, Magnetic Spring or Inductive
Measuring Ranges -14.7...10,000 PSIG
Fitting½" MNPT
Wetted Parts 316-Ti Stainless Steel
Accuracy Class 1.6
Operating Temperature Range 32 °F...180 °F
Switches User Adjustable, Normally Open or Normally Closed
Measuring Ranges-14.7...10,000 PSIG
Fitting½" NPT
Operating Temperature 32...176 °F
Dial Size 6" (160 mm)
DIN Accuracy Class 1.6
Housing Materials 316-Ti SS, PVC, PP or PVDF
Max. Pressure Up to 580 PSIG (Depending on Model)
Fittings NPT Thread, Flange or Sanitary Clamp
Filling Liquid Silicone Oil, Silicone-Free Oil
Measuring Range 30" Hg Vacuum...20,000 PSIG
Accuracy ± 0.5% of F.S. ± 1 Digit
Housing MaterialPolyester
Wetted Materials 316 SS, Ceramic, NBR
Fitting1/4" NPT
Display4-digit LCD, 0.5" digits
Battery Type 9 Volt Lithium
Measuring Range-14.7...5800 PSIG
Fittings 1/4", 1/2", 3/4" NPT
Housing MaterialStainless Steel
Housing Diameter4" (100 mm)
Accuracy Class0.5, ± 1 digit
Analog Output4-20 mA, 0-20 mA, 0-10 VDC
Switches2 or 4 SPDT Relay Contacts
Measuring Range 0...15 PSIG to 0...5000 PSIG
Fittings1/2" NPT, 304 SS
Housing Material304 SS
Housing Diameter4"
Accuracy Class0.5 or 1.0
Analog Output4-20 mA, 2-Wire
Optional Filling LiquidGlycerine
Sensing Range0 mBar Abs. to 1000 Bar Rel. (Dependent Upon Sensor)
AccuracyFrom ± 0.1% Full Scale; ± 1 Digit
Available Functions Min./Max.Memory, Hold Function, Real-Time Clock, Data Logger, Alarm
Measuring Range0...0.6 to 0...1600 Bar
FittingsG½, Brass, SS
Housing MaterialSteel, SS, Aluminum
Housing Diameter 160, 250 mm
DIN Accuracy Class0.1, 0.25, 0.6
Measuring Ranges-30" Hg...15,000 PSIG
Fitting1/4" or 1/2" MNPT
DIN Accuracy Class1.6
Wetted PartsBrass or SS
Dial Sizes4" (100 MM), 6" (160 MM)
Media TemperatureNon-Freezing Media, 32 °F to 176 °F
Optional SwitchesAdjustable Sliding, Magnetic Spring or Inductive
Measuring Ranges29...10150 PSI
Measuring Accuracy ± 0.5% of F.S. ± 1 Digit
Max. Media Temp 212 °F
Fittings ¼" NPT, G-¼
Wetted Materials≤725 PSI = SS, Ceramic, NBR, ≥1450 PSI = SS
Nominal Measuring Range 0...1500 mm Water Column (0...60" of Water)
Scale Graduation 2 mm
Reading Accuracy± 2 mm Water Column
Connection DimensionØ 7 mm Hose Coupling
MaterialGlass Tube on Aluminum Plate
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