DF-DL - Digital Flowmeter with Batch Controller

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Product Specifications
Measuring Range0.02...0.14 to 1.5...36 GPM (Water)
Fitting1/8"...1-1/2" NPT
Max. Pressure1450 PSIG
Max. Temperature180 °F
Wetted MaterialsNi-Plated Brass, SS, Trogamid®, Polysulfone, PVDF, FKM, NBR
Accuracy± 2.5% FS
Product Features
Rate, Totalizing, and Batching
LED Display
Subtracting and Adding Totalizer
1 Batching Relay
1 Freely Programmable Relay
Output of 0(4)-20 mA, 0-10 VDC

The DF-DL flowmeter electronics convert the frequency signal generated by the rotating vane into a numeric flow reading displayed on the top line of the LCD display, the total batch volume on the bottom line, and a scalable analog output signal. Two relays with SPDT contacts are included and may be utilized for various functions. Freely-adjustable switching points, hysteresis, window point, and switch-on/switch-off delay may be set as desired for each relay. One relay (S1) may be used to execute flow monitoring, total volume monitoring, and fine batch volume or pump control. The second relay (S2) is commonly used for batching control and opens once the desired batch amount has been reached. The batching process can also be immediately interrupted and then quickly resumed by using the onboard Start/Stop switch. If a small correction quantity is desired, a bypass valve can be controlled using relay S1.

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