DF-WM - Paddle-Wheel Flow Switch

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Product Specifications
Measuring Range0.02...0.14 to 1.5...36 GPM (Water)
Max. Temperature 180 °F
Max. Pressure 1450 PSIG
Fittings G 1/4...G 1-1/2, 1/8...1-1/2 NPT Female, Flange DN 15 - DN 50
Accuracy ± 2.5% of Full Scale
Product Features
Adjustable Limit Contact for Flow Control
Push-Button Alarm Override Switch and Potentiometer with Scale for Indirect Flow Measurements

The KOBOLD Model DF-WM paddle-wheel flow switch is designed for use primarily as a flow monitor, with the additional ability to occasionally meter flow rate. This flow switch uses a paddle wheel to measure flow. Also incorporated is a flow setpoint function (with relay), which can be set by the user to any value within the specified flow range. Through the use of the setpoint adjustment knob, its accompanying scale and a momentary switch (the red button), flow rate may also be approximately determined. This last function is intended only for occasional use. Like all KOBOLD DF Series flow sensors and controls, the Model DF-WM is available in seven different material combinations for use with a variety of low-viscosity liquids and aggressive chemicals.

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